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Gabion Structures

Gabion retaining walls can be built with speed and economy in all circumstances and are particularly suitable along stream banks and channels. Gabion retaining walls are flexible while providing structural earth retention. Gabions lack the capacity to deform, which makes them preferable to a concrete wall which would crack and collapse. In addition to the distinct structural advantages over concrete and other non-porous gravity wall structures, the potential to vegetate a standard gabion basket or wire faced wall offers unique landscaping potential as well.

Pinnacle Design/Build - Gabion Structures Project Profiles
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Ft. Campbell TEMF

Ft. Campbell, TN

PROJECT FACTS: Wall Area = 7,520 SF; Max Ht = 20 FT

CHALLENGE: The Military needed a new retaining wall structure to support travel onto and off of the Military Base.

SOLUTION: Pinnacle Design/Build’s experienced construction crews and management team worked with the Military to construct a 20 foot tall, 7,520 square foot Gabion Retaining Wall to support the road.

VALUE: Pinnacle Design/Build’s construction crew provided the skills necessary to take on the challenges presented at the site.

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Nashville West Retail Center

Nashville, TN

PROJECT FACTS: Wall Area = 2,000 SF; Max Ht = 9 FT

CHALLENGE: The retail developer was required to create a detention pond to allow the gradual release of storm water in a controlled manner.

SOLUTION: Pinnacle Design/Build engineered and constructed a gabion retaining wall to detain the initial flow of water from a storm event then release it gradually through the wall system.

VALUE: The developer achieved his storm water discharge in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.