Community Involvement

Virginia Tech Geotechnical Graduate Students Sport Pinnacle Design/Build Gear

Pinnacle Design/Build met with the Virginia Tech Geotechnical Graduate Students in Blacksburg, VA in May of this year. The students were given a tour around the Retreat at Blacksburg Collegiate Housing Project, a Pinnacle construction project located just off campus. A follow up visit to the university and project site showed that students were still sporting their Pinnacle gear. It’s good to see that these students are fans of Pinnacle Design/Build!

Pinnacle Design/Build Contributes to ESP's Dream Build

Pinnacle Design/Build had the opportunity to partner with a group of contractors and engineers to help construct a new facility for Extra Special People. We were honored to be a part of this organization’s dream build, and we can’t wait to see all the good they will do for the Athens community and the families they serve. ESP is one of several charities in the community supported by Pinnacle Design/Build. To find out more about ESP, please visit

Pinnacle Design/Build President Speaks at Career Day

At Pinnacle Design/Build, we are always trying to find new talent. What better way to do that than to start talking with kids about Civil Engineering? Joseph Harris, President of Pinnacle Design/Build, spoke with eighth grade students for Pinecrest Academy’s Annual Career Day. He was among many speakers that offered various presentations across various fields, and even though the common consensus was that professional athletes should present for next year’s Career Day, it’s always nice to get kids interested in the world’s infrastructure.

Pinnacle Design/Build Proudly Supports Lighthouse Family Retreat

Pinnacle Design/Build sponsored and volunteered at the Lighthouse Family Retreat for the third consecutive year. We are honored to be involved with this incredible organization and look forward to future retreat opportunities. Check out our Community Involvement page to learn more about the organization and to see pictures from this year’s retreat.