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Piling Walls

When your site requires a retaining wall for grade separation in a cut condition, Soldier Pile retaining walls provide an effective solution. Soldier Pile retaining walls can be placed on the property line and only require a few feet of access for final backfilling. Because you are only cutting out the soil you need to install the soldier piles, you can minimize the cut and fill. Facings available are treated timbers or pre-cast concrete panels with form finishes and stains. Steel piles can be painted to blend with the facing color.

Pinnacle Design/Build - Piling Walls Project Profiles
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Home Depot

New Albany, IN

PROJECT FACTS: Wall Area = 3,500 SF; Max Ht = 20 FT

CHALLENGE: This retail store was positioned into a hillside cut at the rear of this site. The cut required permanent support to allow for the construction of the rear access drive.

SOLUTION: A permanent Soldier Pile Retaining Wall with wood lagging was constructed to support the hill side excavation.

VALUE: The Soldier Pile Retaining Wall was constructed quickly and allowed for store construction to progress unimpeded.

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Piedmont West

Atlanta, GA

PROJECT FACTS: Wall Area = 5,300 SF; Max Ht = 18 FT

CHALLENGE: The commercial development required retaining walls to create a below grade stormwater detention pond on a congested construction site with limited right of way.

SOLUTION: Pinnacle Design/Build designed and constructed a tied-back soldier pile and lagging walls with a cast-in-place concrete facing on three sides of the structure and a segmental retaining wall on the fourth.

VALUE: The Pinnacle Design/Build solution enabled construction of the stormwater detention basin within the limited confines available. The solution provided a substantial cost savings over the originally designed cast in place concrete retaining walls.

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Retail Store

Mt Juliet, TN

PROJECT FACTS: Wall Area = 5,000 SF; Max Ht = 21 FT

CHALLENGE: A permanent retaining wall was required to support existing gas transmission line adjacent to a proposed retail building. Excavation for a conventional retaining wall system would have undermined this line requiring expensive loss of service and/or relocation.

SOLUTION: Pinnacle Design/Build designed and constructed a permanent cantilever soldier pile retaining wall with pre-cast concrete lagging. The precast concrete lagging incorporated an architectural finish.

VALUE: This solution allowed construction of the wall from the top down such that disturbance of the adjacent gas line was not required. The architectural finish allowed the structure to blend nicely with the surroundings.